About Us

ELITECOSMOS  is an International Trading Company that is located in Shenzhen- China.Our extensive Knowledge of the Chinese market has given us a professional experience in assisting our clients set up their business.Our role is giving our clients the opportunity to get an access to the Chinese growing market by offering them the best deals to import  goods and services from the best sources with the best prices, along with the maximum guarantee of security for their business.If you are interested in taking advantage of the attractive “HIGH Quality –to- LOW Cost” Chinese market, you are welcome to be one of our clients, and we will offer you a full communication with us to have an eye on your business. We have other offices located in Qatar and Jordan that you can also reach.

Your success is our goal.

What we do?

    Business Security

  • Investigate importation sources and verify which are safe, thus minimize payment risks and protect you from business scammers especially for large orders.

    Business Control

  • Take control of your business in person by checking quality, quantity and all necessary documents to get the business done.


  • Purchase your goods and solve  import/ export issues.

    Business tour guidance

  • Take you to the Chinese market and provide translation.

Why choose us?

    Our native experience

  •  We are local experts, and only natives can find the truth in China.

    Trustworthy and Reliable

  • Clarity and honesty in each step of your business.


  • Any feedback will be replied to within 24 hours, and instant communication is available for 12 hours every day.


  • Manufacturing in China can save you up to 50%, and employing us can save you up to 25% more.

    ONE-STOP  import or export solution

  • ONE-STOP solution service can save you much more time and cost.